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In a Nutshell:

Jack Dawson has an idea, but he can't follow through without the help of Elsie Green. But she demands a lot...

The Actual Review: 

I can't believe that I've actually managed to reach the end of this book. At about 50%, I was seriously considering DNFing.

First off, Jack (The Jackdaw) is not a mastermind: he is an idiot. He manipulates his way into disaster and fails to recognise that it is him who is the problem, not 'randoms.'
 And Jack (The Jackdaw) isn't the only character I have a problem with - why would a person like Elsie: a distant, poetic, dreaming historyphile, know about the code for creating an app?!

I wasn't captivated from page 1 and most of the time I found myself not caring. Perhaps I could put that down to the fact I'm not a 15 year old boy.

However, at this point I would like to say that at the back of the book, there is a little key that indicates important factors in the book. One of the factors is comedy. Jackdaw and the Randoms is quite funny. I'll give it that.

I received this book as part of the Goodreads first-reads programme. This did not affect my review. Thank you to Hot Key Books for providing me with a copy.

In conclusion: 
⚫️ Characters aren't developed
⚫️ It is humorous
⚫️ It is boring


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  1. Sorry you didn't care for this one. I think I'll definitely pass haha. I love the gif about wanting a medal lol, sometimes after you finish a book it sure does feel like you deserve one!

    1. I think I have 'earned' a few more medals than I should have!


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