The Liebster Award

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In my last post I said that I was nominated by nerdychampagne for the Liebster Award. I also answered the wrong questions. So here I am.... answering the right questions.


1) If you were to give your life a soundtrack playlist, what three songs would be in it?
Postcards From the Wasteland - Bon Jovi
Someday I'll be Saturday Night - Bon Jovi 
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

2) In seven words or less, tell me how you felt about the last book you read.
The Wreck of the Zanzibar (Michael Morpurgo)
It was a great, super cute read.

3) What is your favourite colour and why?
My favourite colour is neon yellow because it stands out and is a happy colour!

Not the heels, I don't really like heels (as I CANNOT walk in them), but that shade of neon yellow!

4) How often do you read books?
Most of the time I have a book that I am currently reading. Although sometimes, I go on a
'break' to remind me how much I love books and then I'll soon be reading again!

5) Coffee or tea?
Coffee in the day, tea at night. 

6) Which movie adaptation is your favourite?
In terms of it just being a good movie, I think Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.
But, in terms of the rare case of a film being better than the book... I have to say Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix simply because it cuts out the 'add-ons'

7) In five words or less, describe your home country


8) What book made you a bookworm?
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

9) Name a book that everyone hates but you love
I wouldn't say everyone hates it, but it does have its fair share of bad reviews on Goodreads:
The Firethief by Terry Deary


10) What is the one series that everyone loves but you hate?
I don't hate the books. I really don't. But in this case, I only read the first book and as much as I loved it; I didn't feel like I would enjoy the rest of the series:
The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins


I solemnly swear that I will reply to all comments!