What I Would Google (Reverse Of 'My Google Search History')

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So recently, I decided to stay off the internet for three whole days! Argh. I really hated it, but anyway, I decided that I would do a reverse of 'My Google Search History' and do a 'What I Would Google'. 

And I also made a list of some of the YouTubers' that I particularly missed!

Seriously. These are YouTuber's that I particularly missed. I watch so many YouTuber's that are not even on this collage!
emmablackery, Itswaypastmybedtime, Courteney Fleming
Hannah Witton, Amazingphil, Kickthepj
communitychannel, Beckie0, danisnotonfire
Rebecca Groves, BuzzfeedViolet


  1. Hi! I know I already messaged you through Goodreads but I'll tell you again... You're one of my nominees for the Liebster award! <3 >> http://wp.me/p5xoF4-oN <<

    Have fun answering the questions and blog hopping! <3

    Ren x


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