DIY Positivity Jar + DIY Jar of Hearts!

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Today I'm going to share with you two perfect pick-me-up's for a bad day!

The first is the positivity jar (or in this case, polka dot tin), although any container will do! Which is filled with positive quotes about positivity, self-love and inspiring quotes!

You will need:

Colourful or pretty paper!
A container (any will do!) 
An assortment of pens or pencils
A list of your favourite quotes (you can check out these links for inspiration:

Thank-you, Marianne!

Oh, and a cat to erm, supervise.

Procedure (ooh, swanky!) 

+ Decorate container if necessary)
+ Cut the paper into pieces adequate enough for a quote
+ Using the coloured pens or pencils, write the quote you like onto paper
+ Fold 
+ Repeat until you have a jar of positivity!!!

(I'm unable to upload a photo of mine!)
source: etsy(dot)com 


The second DIY today is a jar of hearts! This is literally a jar (or container) full of hearts (not actual hearts, you might get arrested for that, but origami hearts nonetheless). These are a perfect pick me up to make and make perfect gifts as part of a gift hamper, to include in letters or cards (to make them that extra special) and are super duper addictive (and easy!)!.

Here's how --->

You will need:

Colourful, pretty paper or origami paper
Scissors (if you haven't got the hang of tearing paper into standard-origami-square-size!) 
A jar (or container)

Here's how ----> 

After you've made enough hearts to fill a container, put 'em in and enjoy!

Will you be having a go at any of these or have you already got something similar?

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"I'll go anywhere as long as it is forward" - David Livingston


  1. Awww I've been looking forward to this post and I love your positivity jar idea ( I'm glad the cat was supervising though ... you know ... to make sure you didn't get too excited about the colourful papers hehe ) and I've never thought of the jar of hearts idea so that's definitely something I'd like to try this weekend ! You could even write one thing you love about yourself on each heart !

    Lots of love, Marianne xxx

    P.s. You made me giggle about the real hearts, thank you for that I needed a laugh

  2. Hey, I loved this so much I think I'm going to have to do this in my blog xoxo

  3. I love the idea of a positivity jar..I'm going to have to try that one out. :) Great post!


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