Around the World in 80 Days (Jules Verne) BOOK REVIEW

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So, I read this book by combining reading and audiobooks to try and help me out of my reading slump. 

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In a Nutshell:
Eccentric Londoner Phileas Fogg and his servant Passepartout go on a world trip for money

The Actual Review: 

This book is, undeniably, one of the best geography and history books you will ever read! From who owned what and when, I feel like I came away from this book with new knowledge. 

That aside, I loved the characters as they possessed something that is all too often a problem for me - they had character, both Mr. Fogg and Mr. Passparteout (our main characters) were unique, had their own quirks and thoughts. They were believable. 

But I think most importantly, this book is a witty (and at times silly) classic read. Go ahead, enjoy this book. Hopefully it should take you less than eighty days!



In Conclusion:

- Good character development
- An enjoyable read 
- Surprisingly informative!

Does this book support We Need Diverse Books?

Sort of as there are - of course- many people of different races. From Indians to Native Americans (although the Native Americans were presented as savages :( ) 

///////// Quote of the post ///////

"Anything a men can imagine can be created by other men" - Jules Verne, Around the World in 80 Days 


  1. I have never read a Jules Verne book, but this one definitely sounds appealing!

    1. Lissanne said I have never read a...

      I'd definitely recommend it! x

  2. NIce review! I definitely want to read this one sometime. :D

    1. AngelErin said Nice review! I definitely want...

      Thank-you, Angel Erin! I hope you enjoy it xx


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