Will Grayson, Will Grayson (John Green and David Levithan) BOOK REVIEW

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In a Nutshell:
Two Will Graysons meet and their lives are changed.

The Actual Review:

First off, I think the notion is interesting: two people with the same name set by happen-chance and end up helping each other through their respective situations. But, once again I was let down by Mr Green.

In this review I'll be using straight-Will Grayson and gay-Will Grayson. A pretty shallow approach but it was how I ended up referring to them in real life. 

I think, perhaps that two characters with the same name was just too confusing. The only way I could immediately differentiate between straight-Will Grayson and gay-Will Grayson was the intentionally poor grammar of gay-Will Grayson. So, yes, Green and Levithan did make it work, but it was still pretty confusing when it came to other characters referring to Will Grayson.

Secondly, whilst gay-Will Grayson was full of character and had a narrative that allowed for realism, straight-Will Grayson was a shallow, two dimensional character that - even though a main character - came across as Tiny's manic pixie dream boy. I hate the manic pixie trope, but this one was even weirder. Not just that, but straight-Will Grayson remains the same as all of Green's other characters. Now I'm not complaining, it's just an observation. 

In conclusion:
▫️ Confusing characters 
▫️Nice idea
▫️ Ahem, the manic pixie trope 😒

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Yes, LGBTQIA+ and mental health 

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  1. I have read other John Green books but not when he has written with another author, -after your review, I don't know if I will buy this book xx

    1. Laura Blossomofhope said I have read other John...

      I wouldn't reccomend this as a John Green book either. I cannot say for Levithan as this is my first, but his writing certainly impressed!

  2. I've been curious about this book, especially because I've yet to read a David Levithan book. Thanks for the review!


    1. Thoughts from Libraries said I've been curious about this...

      If you do decide to read any of his books, I hope you enjoy them! This was my first x

  3. I couldn't agree more! I heard so many good things about this one, but it really dissapointed me.


    1. Lissanne said I couldn't agree more! I...

      For me it was only Green's writing that disappointed me! But yeah, it was no less disappointing :/

  4. Sorry this one didn't work for you. I've been all over the place when it comes to Green's books so I may end up passing on this one. Great review though!

    1. AngelErin said Sorry this one didn't work...

      I too have been all over the place with Green's work, from Paper Towns being one of my favourite books to absolutely detesting Zombicorns, it has been a weird journey! I believe I only have 'the War on Banks Island' left (which I won't be rushing to any time soon) xx

  5. Great review! I probably won't read this one. It's mean to say but I'm over John Green for the time being.

    1. Jess' Reading Nook said Great review! I probably won't...

      I have found his books to be very hit-and-miss. I love John Green as a YouTuber and he is a good author, but sometimes it just doesn't float my boat.


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