Back to School Haul 2016

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This is my last year of secondary/high school and so I have to be organised this year and by that, I mean I went out and brought supplies two weeks before the end of the holidays and not the day before when every has gone! I am actually quite frugal and for the most part, I am just using everything I used last year. This is just a few things I need to replenish my stocks of! 

1) Erasable highlighters - I have said before that these have saved my life! 

source: tesco(dot)com
£2 - ASDA

2) Bic Soft Feel Clic Grip (Jeepers, just call them Bic pens!) 

source: tigerpens(dot)co(dot)uk
£2  (pack of 4) - ASDA

3) Alice in Wonderland pencil case -  It's really nice, but I can't find a picture of it! 
50p from a thrift/charity shop

4) Academic Year Diary

source: poundland(dot)co(dot)uk
£1 - Poundland 

Total back to school stationery haul: £5.50

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  1. Omg, erasable highlighters??? Why have I never seen those before! That's awesome. Good luck with your final school year. :)

    1. AngelErin said Omg, erasable highlighters??? Why have...

      They're my favourites :) thank-you

  2. I love reading stationery hauls! You got everything for such a good price as well xx

    1. Laura Blossomofhope said I love reading stationery hauls...

      I try my best 😂 I hope you enjoyed reading this one


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