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I was tagged by Girl Abroad to do the 50 Facts About Me Tag, thank you Girl Abroad!

1) I am English
2) I love travelling - I want to go on a Europe tour (going to every country in Europe!) and visit a country on each continent.
3) I love singing although you'll never hear me sing because I'm time-deaf and a, too embarrassed to do it around people.
3) I speak English and am okay with Spanish. 
4) I really want to be a polyglot
5) I hate physics and maths. I'm also bad at it. Consistency is key
6) Baking is a passion of mine (although I'm not as keen on cooking) 
7) I love listening to rock and metal music 
8) My favourite bands are Bon Jovi, Slipknot, My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco
9) I want to be an editor
10) I'm a only child 
11) I have always been a wallflower 
12) I'm slightly eccentric - if you hadn't already guessed 
13) I don't believe in monsters and demons but at night I'm more open to the idea (I'm not afraid of the dark, it's just I've always thought night is just the time for all the demons to come out)
14) My favourite food is either chocolate or olive 
15) I love wearing dresses 
16) I don't have my ears pierced 
17) My hair is blonde 
18) my eyes are blue but can appear green
19) If you ever see a bulldog chewing a wasp, it's actually me in a really bad mood
20) I love coffee, tea and cocoa
21) I love writing poetry and I've been lucky enough to have two published!
22) I'm a cat person. Cats cats cats. 
23) though seriously, I have cat ears, a cat tail and collar. Not real, I'm eccentric but not inhumane
24) I'm careless
25) I am a procrastinator 
26) I have a collection of troll-dolls
27) Origami is one of my favourite past-times
28) I may be a cat person but I love rabbits, rats, dogs and all animals basically.
29) I used to have a phobia of clowns.
30) I love history, English, foreign languages and biology 
31) I love doing yoga 
32) I adore olives 
33) I've performed at the Birmingham Hippodrome 
34) I like photography 
35) I wear makeup when I want to, not because I have to
36) I have freckles 
37) I love reading
38) My favourite movie is The Breakfast Club
39) I've never seen Star Trek or Star Wars and I just about managed Batman 
40) I'm a nerdfighter
41) I loved watching YouTubers
42) My favourite shows are the Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, Sherlock and Dr Who (I'm a nerd) 
43) I used to want to be a drugs patrol officer 
44) I play my music far too loud 
45) My favourite season is autumn
46) I get nostalgic over the craziest of things 
47) I am left-handed 
48) I have a massive forehead 
49) One of my favourite places in the world is Cornwall
50) I want to be able to help everyone 

So, what are some facts about you? 

I tag: 

The Book Goddess
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  1. Great answers! I have a massive forehead as well XD


    1. That's much appreciated! great to 'meet' another big foreheader!

  2. I love MCR!! Awesome facts list. Thanks for the tag! I will have to do this one soon. :D

    1. I finally did the tag! Sorry it took so long lol. http://angelerin.blogspot.com/2016/01/50-facts-about-me-tag.html

    2. AngelErin said I finally did the tag! Sorry it took so long lol...

      Haha, that's okay: I've only just commented, whoops!

  3. Awesome facts! Hey, I love olives too! Do you prefer green ones or black ones?

    P.S.: I have a big forehead as well, a five-finger forehead with no exagerations haha. I kind of like it :)

    1. My favourite is green! How about you?
      Yeah, mine is a 5-finger forehead, I got a fringe to cover it up but I'm not ashamed to pin it back!

  4. I love cats, too. I have two, and they're my babies (brats though).

  5. Ah, math. I have a degree in math and teach it, so I have to say I'm among the minority of my friends. Particularly reading friends. I adore cats (and horses).

    And no Star Wars or Star Trek!!! That can't be! And Batman? You only almost made it through Batman? You must change that. (Or not if you don't want to, but really! They are amazing!)

    This was a fun post, nice to read more about you.

    Oh, and I also love writing poetry. :)

    1. I do go through phases in which I 'like' maths, but they always quickly pass. Yeah, all of my friends are Batman/Star Trek/Star Wars obsessed but I just found Batman boring(!) and well, I just haven't tried the other two.

  6. I LOVE BAKING! But I am not very good at it sometimes... "flashback to the time I almost burnt the house down!" High five for Chocolate and Procrastination! Also, YAY FOR NERDS WITH MASSIVE FOREHEADS! :) I would wear makeup, but when I do, I always manage to make myself look like an umpa lumpa :/ I love reading random facts about people! I promise, I'm not a stalker. Well, maybe a little. Anyways, great post! We have quite a lot in common :)

    1. Yes, I don't understand how makeup artists do it, I can't really get away with much more than foundation and mascara!


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