Macbeth (William Shakespeare) BOOK REVIEW

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Another book I've read in one sitting! 


In a nutshell:

Some witches tell this one dude that he is totally king and the dude totally believes them. #modernlanguagebecauseiamverycool

The Actual Review:

Before we start, I read Macbeth so that I would be prepared and armed with ideas for class discussion before we actually start reading it. Overachiever? No. Terrible at on-the-spot discussion? Hell yeah.

The story of Macbeth is by no-means comic or happy - let us get that out of the way: it is in fact violent and dark. Being my first Shakespeare, I really struggled with the language and found that listening to the audiobook whilst reading it helps (Hannah's Top Tip right there, guys).

I'm not sure how to review this if I am honest; I can't comment on it like a usual book as it is a play. But, with witches, royals and murder - you can't go wrong , can you? 


In conclusion:
⚫️ Don't read it on a rainy day
⚫️ Obviously, the language isn't easy for the Bard novice.
⚫️ The plot is interesting.

////////// Quote of the post /////////

"Stars, hide your fires: let not light see my black and deep desires" - William Shakespeare, Macbeth 


  1. I love this one!!! It is very dark. Which I like lol. Great review.:)

  2. I love books and I am always searching for another one!

    1. I hope you enjoy Macbeth if you choose to read it x

  3. I never liked reading plays at school. There was so much discussion of tiny points of language and meaning that I lost the overall view. Years later I've found that going to see the play works much better for me and we went to the new Macbeth film at the cinema last week. It's beautifully done and a very arty production.

    This is my review

    1. Thank-you, I'll be sure to check out your review


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