Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops (Jen Campbell) BOOK REVIEW

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I don't think I've reviewed a non-fiction book on here yet! Sorry it's so blunt, I couldn't really think of much to say for such a short book! 


In a Nutshell:
A montage of funny comments from customers in bookshops.

The Actual Review: 

I first heard about this book when I saw it in Carrie Fletcher's video background and couldn't help being intrigued by it (and how couldn't you be?!). The basic setup is quite literally each paragraph demonstrating each conversation. 

Every couple of pages, I found myself laughing at them, but some of it was just waffle that shouldn't have been in the book. The book also includes memories from other bookseller's at the back of the book, all of which were quite funny. 

If you're looking for a funny book you can read in <1 hour, this is the one for you!



In Conclusion:

⚫️ It's a quick read
⚫️ It is quite interesting 
⚫️ There's a lot of padding

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"A single sunbeam is enough to drive many shadows" - Saint Francis of Assisi 


  1. This looks like a fun book. I've been wanting to r af this one since I found the authors booktube channel.

    1. I had no idea that Jen has a BookTube, thank-you for letting me know! I can't remember where I got it but you can get it on Amazon or from the Book Depository (I don't get a commission)

  2. This sounds fun! I usually don't read nonfiction, but I'm always in need of a good laugh.

  3. Oo, sorry. I sent a message that was probably better placed here. Anyway, thanks for the reivew--even reading just that gave me a good chuckle. I think there is room for a more general book about weird customer complaints. Like the customer at a restaurant where I was a waitress who complained that her avacado salad was "too green".

  4. This sounds very interesting and I have never seen a book like this before. So it is basically funny things people said in a book shop? I like the sound of that I need a good comedy read! Great recommendation.

    Emma's World x


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