Liebster Award Take Three!

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When I first got into blogging - well, shortly after - I was nominated for the Liebster award and the other day I was once again nominated by InToriLex and I decided to go ahead and revisit it!

1) What is your favourite non-fiction book?

All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher

2) What book made you cry the most?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Kite Runner, Marley and Me and Girl Online. But I only cried at the latter because it was so bad.

3) Is there any book you refuse to read?


4) if you could meet any author, who would it be?

Well, my initial answer would be J.K Rowling but I've decided that is much rather meet Shakespeare or Edgar Allan Poe because I have so many questions for them that CAN'T possibly be answered.

5) What do you like most about blogging?

Having my own space to interact with people!

6) What cause do you think doesn't get enough attention?

The Hero Rats. We should be breaking down ALL stereotypes and not just human stereotypes. And the Dlinza Pinwheel.

7) Do you read any comics?

Well, I used to read the Simpsons Comics.

8) How do you express your creativity?
By writing poetry and making my vocal chords tired from discussion and debating.

9) What is your favourite reality TV programme or guilty pleasure movie?

Well, I don't really watch reality TV or have a guilty pleasure movie, so I'll be combining the two: Arthur

10) What bookish thing turns you off from reading?

A heroine who loves reading. I'm so bored of that trope right now

I Tag: 

Everyone. Yes, you! Have you already done it? So what!!! 

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Burn, Re-write or Re-Read Book Tag

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I was sort of tagged by JBelkBooks to do this tag and I think it comes amongst my favourites!

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The Rules:
  • Randomly choose 3 books you’ve read. (Use the ‘random’ option on your Goodreads “read” shelf.*)
  • For each group of three books, decide which book you’d burn, rewrite, or reread. (A lot like “Kiss, Marry, Kill.”)
  • Repeat until you complete three rounds (or five) 
Round One

Burn: Fantastic Mr Fox
Why? 7 year old me was in tears at the idea of fox-hunting, not much has changed 

source: oxford

Re-write: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
Why? As much as I loved the story, I'd definitely rewrite it so Maxim wasn't an a****hole/abusive

source: teenlibrarian(dot)com 

Re-Read: Marley and Me 
Why? Well, this one also made me cry but I read the adult version very young and I'd love to see what impact it has on me now.

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Round Two:

Burn: The Children of Green Knowe
Why? It is the worst book I have ever read. Ever. Period. Point. No doubts. I was crying that it was so bad, it is the only book I have ever thrown at a wall. I do not regret it.

source: goodreads(dot)com

Rewrite: Looking for Alaska
Why? I'd make Alaska and Miles less like Margo and Quentin

source: notrequiredreading(dot)com 

Re-Read: Startled by His Furry-Shorts
Why? Well, I was on the floor laughing 

source: goodreads(dot)com

Round Three:

Burn: Wreck This Journal
Why? Well, you have to do it anyway 

Rewrite: The Monkey's Paw
Why? It was just too eh
source: amazon(dot)com 

Re-Read: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Why? Need a reason? Get out.

source: glee(dot)wikia(dot)com 

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The Boyfriend List (E. Lockhart) BOOK REVIEW

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This book has been on my TBR for a while and I'm glad it's over with.

In a Nutshell:
Ruby is 15 and has a shrink, for some reason her therapist wants her to write a list of all the boys she's ever liked.

The Actual Review:

The Boyfriend List managed to arouse a kind of hate I have never experienced with a book before. No, this wasn't the anger inducing kind of book that Girl Online was, this was the first book that was grossly disappointing.

The reading experience was like those magic cups we had as kids, the ones that you'd fill with water, then tip out and there'd still be water in it. It just didn't end, it would get better then disappointment would arise again. 

I didn't find a single one of these characters to be realistic and I had a hard time connecting with Ruby (well I didn't actually connect at all if I am honest) and especially  when it came to the case of Tommy Hazard. What was that about? Ruby's therapist was entirely unhelpful: she did nothing to actually help or support Ruby and I'm pretty sure the Boyfriend List didn't work. The therapist did nothing but sit around in a poncho and ask monotonous questions to waste time. 10/10 do not recommend her. I can't even get over the fact that the parents are emotionally abusive and E. Lockhart brushed over that fact, to such an extent that Ruby has no emotions that have been inspired by such abuse. 

Also, I don't know a single teenage girl who is ok with someone squeezing her breasts. Especially if she isn't dating them.

As for the storyline? Gloriously boring. Like seriously, I didn't even care by the end. 

The writing? Mediocre at best.

The ending? I'm not sure, my senses were overflown with cheese. 


In Conclusion:
⚫️Gloriously boring
⚫️ Mediocre writing
⚫️ If you like abusive characters, this book is for you!!

Does this book support We Need Diverse Books? (See sidebar for more info)

Yes, mental health

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