Terms and Conditions Policy

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Last updated: 20/06/2016

1. Introduction

1a. This terms and conditions policy will inform you of the acceptable use of my blog.

2. Copying my work
a) All content on TheDonkeyInvasion, unless otherwise stated, is mine. Therefore, should you wish to reuse content on my blog, please contact me beforehand. Unauthorised reuse is stealing and will be treated as such.

b) I often draw images and GIF's from the Internet. In all cases, I leave a link to the owner in the caption. Unless otherwise stated, you may reuse this media so long as you leave the original link.

c) Exploiting content on my blog is wrong and will be reported.

I love receiving comments and interacting with my audience, come say hi!

a) ANY form of hate comment will not be stood for, these comments will be removed and the perpetrator will be blocked.

b) You may only leave TWO relevant links in your comment. What I deem to be relevant links:

i) A link to your blog
ii)  A link to a recent/relevant post
iii) A link to an external site that is to do with the post you are commenting on or your comment.
iv) A social media profile

c) Spam - or what I consider to be spam - will be deleted.

4. External Sites

 a) I cannot be held responsible for the content of external sites. Any issues should be raised with the content owner.

b) If links do not work, although it is unfortunate, I cannot be held responsible.

5. Internal Content

a) If you have any issues with my content, please contact me! I'd hate for content to be incorrect, offensive or upsetting in any way!

6. Authors and Publishers

a) Authors and publishers are always welcome to contact me seeking a book review. There is no guarantee I will accept your offer, as kind as it is!

a i) Please contact me using the CONTACT FORM that is found in the sidebar.

a ii) I will ONLY accept books in physical format. Exceptions may be made for books under 150 pages - in which case they MUST be in PDF format. 

b) As of November 2015, TheDonkeyInvasion will be an author interview free zone. Do not contact me seeking an interview.

c) Do not contact me asking for me to host or promote a giveaway. Unless I host one myself,     they will not be a part of my blog. 

d) I do accept requests for reviews of self-published books (as long as it interests me)

e) I do not hold preferences to genres - the only things I tend to avoid are dystopian and erotica

f) You can expect to see a review up within two months of my receiving a copy of a book

7. Using the Contact Form

a) Please only use the contact form for the following purposes

i) If you are an author or a publisher seeking a review (please see section 6 for more information).
ii) If you have any concerns with the content of this blog (please see sections 3, 4 and 5)
iii) For requesting a post 
iv) For requesting the reuse of internal content of this blog (please see section 2 for more information)

b) The contact form may NOT be used for the following purposes:

i) Advertising or promoting a product, post or anything of that nature
ii)  Commenting on a post 
iii) Sending hate 

8. Re-use of External Media

a) To content owners -

i) I always make an effort to source work that has been drawn from the internet.
ii) Should it be your work that has been reused and I have not sourced it, contact me using the contact form (please see section 7) and I will happily source it 
iii) Should it be your work that has been reused on my blog and you would not like it to appear on this site, please contact me using the contact form (please see section 7) and I will happily remove it. 


I solemnly swear that I will reply to all comments!