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One World, Too Many Pages is about lots of things.

The main theme is books, although, from time to time I cover my life, my opinions and hauls.
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Every Tuesday I post a new blog and every Saturday, I post a book review. I write mini to medium sized reviews. 

Guest Posts!

I love seeing them and I think they are a great way to reach out to a wider audience! If you wish to write a guest post, please use the contact form and we can make an arrangement! 

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In November, I updated my policy. Please take a look at it here, before proceeding. 


I absolutely love reading and authors are welcome to contact me for review requests. However;
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I will only accept physical copies

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Why I changed the name of my blog:

When I started my blog,  I didn't think that I would a) get past 1 or 2 posts and b) that I would get any following and so I just chose the most random thing that first came to mind -- TheDonkeyInvasion. In December, after over 7 months of blogging, I realised that TheDonkeyInvasion just wasn't appropriate and very cringe-worthy and it just had to change. So, I did a poll, any you guys decided on One World, Too Many Pages! You can see everything I did as TheDonkeyInvasion because it is labelled as such. 

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