Handa's Surprise (Eileen Browne) BOOK REVIEW | A New Kind

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Today I decided to try something different and review a nook from my childhood. I recently started feeling really nostalgic and borrowed some of my favourite books from the library...


In a Nutshell:
Handa puts 7 delicious fruits in a basket for her friend. But Handa's walk takes her past a variety of cheeky animals.

The Actual Review
I guess I should tell the story, if not for entertainment value, then at least to help me remember. As a child in reception, we had two teachers: Mrs C and Miss R. Miss R was of Indian decent and would often bring in books set in India and costumes and pictures from India. Mrs C, although of English decent, owned a hut in Africa and would often bring in photos and books that helped us learn about where she stayed, Handa's Surprise was one of these.

Reading it again, I can safely say that I enjoy it as much now as I did then! Handa's Surprise is humorously told with beautiful illustrations. It is such a colourful book and I think it also broadened my palette to even more fruits!

In Conclusion:
⚫️ Colourful
⚫️ Humorous
⚫️ A pure delight!


What books were part of your childhood?


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The Fault in Our Stars (John Green) BOOK REVIEW

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So, I'm suffering from a SEVERE case of Blogger's Block and apparently, if it is this severe, there is no cure. 

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So, I decided to delve into the murky depths of Goodreads that have been untouched for months and embarrass myself by showing you my early work share with you an early review! Seriously, it's embarrassing. Please forgive me, I was only a rookie. 

In a Nutshell:
Despite having terminal cancer, Hazel and Augustus have decided to make the most of it. 

The Actual Review: 

        Wow, I couldn't put the book down. I have read stories similar to these before, but none as witty, devastating and powerful as TFIOS. I read it very quickly.

      It is full of wit, charm and interesting use of circumstances. It is amazing: both humorous and sad in the right places. 

    Despite all of this, I do still have a few issues with it like the 'metaphor' (?!) which I understand but I just think it is stupid and van Houten's.... Ignorance. 



In Conclusion: 
  • Feels, much of them
  • Strange messages
  • Quick-read!

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"Without pain, how could we know joy?"
- John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

Sometime in the future:

Interviewer: Honestly, did you have a clue what you were going on about?
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DIY Positivity Jar + DIY Jar of Hearts!

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Today I'm going to share with you two perfect pick-me-up's for a bad day!

The first is the positivity jar (or in this case, polka dot tin), although any container will do! Which is filled with positive quotes about positivity, self-love and inspiring quotes!

You will need:

Colourful or pretty paper!
A container (any will do!) 
An assortment of pens or pencils
A list of your favourite quotes (you can check out these links for inspiration:

Thank-you, Marianne!

Oh, and a cat to erm, supervise.

Procedure (ooh, swanky!) 

+ Decorate container if necessary)
+ Cut the paper into pieces adequate enough for a quote
+ Using the coloured pens or pencils, write the quote you like onto paper
+ Fold 
+ Repeat until you have a jar of positivity!!!

(I'm unable to upload a photo of mine!)
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The second DIY today is a jar of hearts! This is literally a jar (or container) full of hearts (not actual hearts, you might get arrested for that, but origami hearts nonetheless). These are a perfect pick me up to make and make perfect gifts as part of a gift hamper, to include in letters or cards (to make them that extra special) and are super duper addictive (and easy!)!.

Here's how --->

You will need:

Colourful, pretty paper or origami paper
Scissors (if you haven't got the hang of tearing paper into standard-origami-square-size!) 
A jar (or container)

Here's how ----> 

After you've made enough hearts to fill a container, put 'em in and enjoy!

Will you be having a go at any of these or have you already got something similar?

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"I'll go anywhere as long as it is forward" - David Livingston


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Goodbye, Alan

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I recently received news from a friend that Alan Rickman has died aged only 69 (of cancer). I was obviously very shocked to hear this and of course upset to hear about the death of someone I think of as a personal inspiration. 

Rickman was a brilliant actor, playwright and man and I have to thank him for bringing so many characters to life. 

Perhaps this post was a little abrupt, but I can't really fathom my words. 

I'm not looking for comments on this post, that's not why I posted this. If you can, please go and donate to Cancer Research (or any cancer support charity). It would mean a lot more. 


Top 10 Bookish Places I'd Like to Visit

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As a book-lover I'd love to broaden my reading experiences by visiting some bookish places. This list is by no means definitive, but a start!

10) Birmingham Library, England
Technically I have already been here, but its beauty and places to explore are endless. Top tip: if you are ever in the Midlands, Stratford-Upon-Avon (the birthplace of Shakespeare) is a great place to go: uber bookish and very beautiful.

9) Transylvania, Romania
- The setting of 'Dracula'. I haven't actually read Dracula but Transylvania is a beautiful place and if I do go, that is when I want to read it.

8) Verona, Italy
- The setting of Romeo and Juliet and in one of my favourite countries!

7) Edgar Allan Poe Museum, USA
- Edgar Allan Poe is one of my inspirations (both in poetry and literary terms) and I'd love to know more about him (and see more of America)

6) The Anne Frank Museum, Amsterdam
- I'm aware this place has more of a historical significance. 

5) Strahov Monastery, Prague
- Wow, just wow

4) Amsterdam
- I know I have already mentioned Amsterdam, but I'm talking the place in general because of The Fault in Our Stars!

3) Harry Potter Studios, London
- Another place I've been (but it isn't something you can do in a day, especially during the holidays!)

2) The Globe Theatre, London
- This post is getting to be very Shakespeare based. Oh well

1) The Bodelian Library, Oxford 

What are some places that you'd like to visit?

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"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one" - George RR Martin 


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This Book is Gay (James Dawson) BOOK REVIEW

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In a Nutshell:
A handbook for the LGBT+ community and allies

The Actual Review:

The first thing that I'd like to say about This Book is Gay is that I love the fact that the author breaks down stereotypes which centre on the 'LGBT+' community and stereotypes which centre on the 'straight' community. This is such an important yet quite frankly not addressed topic in LGBT+ books as the phrase 'That is so gay!' still exists. 

source: designersagainstaids(dot)com

Secondly, I like that the author invited other people of all ages to talk about their experiences - which helped him to stop the book focusing on only gay men and to educate readers further whilst still talking about taboo topics.  

This Book is Gay is more aimed at LGBT+ people themselves instead of allies but it is still certainly a useful guide for everyone and I am so glad I read it because I didn't realise how much I didn't know and I feel like that now I know more, I'm on the road to becoming a better ally (I hope). 

Aside from just talking about what gay means etc.... he also talks about sexuality and religion and about the laws on sexuality, same-sex sex and gay marriage in countries. I found this topic to be really interesting but the facts to be quite frankly sh*t because of how blatantly homophobic some governments/religious people can be. 

In a Nutshell:
    • A useful handbbook for everyone
    • Talks about taboo topics
    • Inclusive

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I like people who have a sense of individuality. I love expression and anything awkward and imperfect, because that’s natural and that’s real. - Marc Jacobs


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Reading Goals

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In 2016 I will be doing the PopSugar 2016 reading challenge and incorporate that into my Goodreads personal challenge.

 My personal challenge:

Read at least 60 books
5 of which must be classics
Re-read Harry Potter
Read at least two Spanish books
Read at least 10 non-fiction books
Use the library at least once a month
Finish the Hunger Games series
Finish the Twilight Saga
Be more critical when rating and reviewing books

What are your reading goals for 2016?  

Similarly, you can see my 2016 resolutions here! (And they are available in the 'other' in the dropdown menu!)


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Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging (Louise Rennison) BOOK REVIEW

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I've approached this series a bit weirdly on my blog having reviewed the fourth instalment first, but here goes! 

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In a Nutshell: 
The confessions of a crazy, angsty teenager!

The Actual Review:

This is one of those books that have been adapted into film and I watched the film first. I loved the movie but the book more so. I don't usually read this type of book and as much as I love it (and at the time of eventually writing the review - the series) I don't intend to read anything similar - it's one of those books that I'd like to treat as a one-off.

The narration is hilarious and is set into manageable sections - perhaps even too manageable. Maybe not, I did finish it within a day.

Angus, Thongs is a book that has caught me completely off guard and has made me truly, uncontrollably laugh and has taken me completely by surprise. Even for a diary, the characters are well-developed and Rennison has managed to provide insight into their lives as well as Georgia's.

In Conclusion:

  • Very funny
  • A quick-read for anyone
  • Don't read it in public!


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Watching TV Mum said, 'Do you miss your dad?' and I said, 'Who?” 
― Louise RennisonAngus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging


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