Dancing In My Nuddy-Pants (Georgia Nicholson #4) - Louise Rennison |BOOK REVIEW

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I am continuing with this marvy series. And here is what my diary has to say about it:

In a nutshell:

The Actual Review:

*Contains spoilers on the AngusXNaomi relationship, but nothing else*

Saturday 27 June 

Well that was fabbity fab fab. Robbie continues to be absolutely gorgey. Note to self: call him


I am going into the Valley of Loons and into a complete state of confusiosity, my thoughts are so cluddy with the complexity of all the romantics going on. The only romance that makes any sense and doesn't get me all confusioso is between Angus and Naomi. Que est les names of the kittens?! Mr and Mrs Across the Road are soooo rude for not telling us.


I just found a note Jas left on my bed, she is such a whiny cling-on, I hope she sorts herself out before Hunky sees her really big knickers that cover her bum-oley. 


And who is she to tell me that Dave the L. is just making excuses? Sacré bloody bleu. 


But she is still my best friend 


I've read so much of Georgia Nicholson lately I'm not sure which parts of the review are her talking and which parts are me talking. Maybe I've been possessed by a diary. Shut up brain, shut up.


In Conclusion:
⚫️ The characters are ever-annoying
⚫️ Angus' and Libby's roles just get funnier
⚫️ OMG we need more from Elvis
⚫️ Thank God about the Bummer Twins
⚫️ ahahahahahaha

//////////Quote of the post//////////

"Everyone is so obsessed with themselves nowadays that they have no time for me"
             - Louise Rennison, Dancing in my Nuddy-Pants


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