Happy Birthday Harry!

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Today is a v. special day for Potterheads around the world because today marks Harry Potter's 35th birthday and also J.K Rowling's 50th! 

I wasn't sure what to do about it, because I have already done a post on why I love Harry Potter and what it means to me and well.... what else?! So, I decided to create a montage of Harry Potter quotes that have helped us all....



  1. I love these quotes! I love seeing them turned into pictures like this too. It's so weird to think that Harry is 35 now. I think I might need to reread the books soon! :)

    -- Nicola Reads YA

    1. Yes, I've been wanting to re read them for a while now. I saw a group on Goodreads that was dedicated to rereading Harry Potter in 2015, I think I'll have to wait until next year now if I am to do a reread-along!
      I also think it's weird that he would be 35 now!


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