Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award W/ My Mom!!

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The wonderful Carrie (TheBookGoddess) nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award which if I am correct, is an award for female bloggers?!

I have been waiting so long for someone to nominate me and aaaah, thanks Carrie!

Also, joining me today in answering the questions is my lovely Mom!

The Rules:
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you 
  • Put the logo on your blog post
  • Answer the questions sent to you
  • Make up ten new questions (perhaps this time I WILL remember to do that)
  • Nominated between 5 & 10 other bloggers who you think are deserving and eligible!
  • Link back to your post on theirs! 

1. Which is your favourite place to read?

I basically read anywhere I go! I guess I'll have to say the sofa and because I spend so much time reading there, on the bus (even with the funny looks I get!)

Mom: The Lounge 

2. What type of characters are you more inclined to like?

Most protagonistic un-human characters I like and characters who aren't neccersarily strong or dependent but ones who dare to think what others won't or have opinions that nobody else has!

Mom: A heroine

3. If you wrote a novel, what would it be called?

Well, I'm currently writing one (not even considering publishing, just a bit of fun) and the working title 12 Things We Have in Common, but as I don't feel like I'm in a place to start the publishing process, I have no idea.

Mom: I don't know, I've never considered writing a novel. I much prefer being the reader of books than the writer.

4. Which book or book series would you like to see adapted into a graphic novel?

Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier (It would be interesting to see!)

Mom: I don't know.

5. Do you prefer eBooks or printed books?


Mom: Printed.

6. Which book would you like to see as a movie?

Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas

Mom: Can't think of one. I always prefer the books anyway!

7. Who are your favourite authors?

J.K Rowling, Michael Morpurgo, Louise Rennison

Mom: Dan Brown 

8. Vampire or Werewolves?

Neither really, I'm not really big on fantasy etc... I much prefer 'real-life'

Mom: Neither. 

8. (Two question 8's?)  How many books do you own?

Erm, too many? 

Mom: Far too many. 

9. Do you love a book that everyone else hates?


Mom: I don't think so

That's a wrap for my nomination! The questions for my nominees are:
  • Do you read poetry?
  • Favourite ink colour?
  • If you could blog about something different to what you do blog about, what topic would it be?
  • Is there a book that you hate and everyone else seems to love?
  • Have you ever read in public? 
  • Favourite quote?
  • Do you have any bad reading habits? 
  • Where do you primarily obtain your books from?
  • Do you wish you would read more classics?
  • Which parts of your lifestyle have changed since you started blogging?

I nominate (I don't think any of you have been nominated before, if you have, just ignore me!):
  • Salha (The Journeys of a Girl)
  • Amanda (Little Miss Reader)
  • Erin (The Art of Being Invisible)
  • Courtney (CourtneyReads)
  • Fiona (A Girl Between the Pages)

/////////// Quote of the post //////////

"Whenever you are hopeful, you are never really anybody's prisoner" – Kate DiCamillo


  1. Thanks for nominating me! I did this a really long time ago, but of course I'll do it again! Love the questions you've given us! :)

    1. Oops! I hadn't realised you'd already done it! But thank-you to you too!

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me!

    I loved reading your answers, and I really admire the fact that you're actually writing a novel! I tried to do that once... It didn't work... I could be writing the third chapter already and then, I suddenly came up with a different idea and had to change it all over...

    And, between Vampires and Werewolves, I would definitely choose Werewolves. I mean, Lupin was one of my favorite Hogwarts' teachers!

    The Journeys of a Girl

    1. Thank you! I can't believe I forgot about Professor Lupin because then I would definitely have said werewolves! Thanks for reminding me.

      I too am a famous starter of novels but never finisher of them. Sometimes I just don't believe in the story enough, I become lazy or it just doesn't go the way I was planning for it to go!

  3. Great answers ! I really enjoyed seeing your mums and yours compared :) I really liked the quote at the end as well, it really sticks with me at the minute I think it's become my new favourite :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

    1. Thanks. I loved this quote too when I first saw it in the Tale of Despereaux by Kate di Camillo!

  4. Really lovely post, and glad you got nominated. Truly awese. Always take care.

  5. Great answers! I love that you did this post with your mum <3


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