Great YA Books You May Not Have Read

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Join me in this post as I shamelessly rip off John Green's idea. Sorry. Maybe I am a bit ashamed.

Sometimes some books just go unnoticed, no matter how brilliant, thoughtful or eye-opening they are, I hope that after reading this you will be inspired to share some books you think deserve more attention and even read some of the ones listed here that interest you!

1. Lottie Biggs is (Not) Mad - Hayley Long

Lottie Biggs is (Not) Mad is a painfully honest book about teenage mental-health and the Teen Age (is that plagiarising Carrie's work? - I hope not) 
It is as funny as Georgia Nicholson but deals with far more serious issues. No, Georgia, your eyebrows are NOT a serious issue!

2) My Story: The Diary of Dollie Baxter - Carol Drinkwater

Whilst it has a slightly irritating protagonist, it is a good diary-style story about the life of a suffragette. A mixture of fact and fiction is a light, entertaining read.

3) Lost for Words - Elizabeth Lutzeier

Lost for Words is not the best book I have read, I'm not going to lie. However, it is an eye-opener for modern times. Based on a real story, I love how it includes a backstory to provide insight.

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  1. Great post. I've never heard of any of these!

    1. Thanks! If you decide to read them, I hope you enjoy them! x

  2. I haven't heard of any of these. I might have to look them up. This was a good idea (even if you did copy John Green, haha).

    1. Haha, thank-you. I thought I should probably mention it was his idea!

  3. I hate to say that I've never heard of any of these books! I need to get on this!

    Carrie @The Book Goddess


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