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Today I will be reviewing Violet Wings by Victoria Hanley! This book whilst not only a good book, but also wins the title of best cover so far this year! In real life it sparkles and bfjhekdb. 

In a Nutshell:

After Zaria Tourmaline becomes an 'adult' she becomes Earthstruck and is drawn closer to Earth. The closer she gets, the more danger and trouble she gets into!

The Actual Review:

I'd put off reading this book for some time now and eventually began to read it because well it became more and more intriguing the more and more I looked at it, unread, on my shelf. 

The story follows Zaria Tourmaline the youngest fairy of her generation, orphaned and alone, but soon to discover, the most powerful. 

I genuinely loved the story, although the real story didn't start happening until the end. But, I'd like to talk about Radia. You know those video games where you build a world or you earn coins to buy something or upgrade your home? Then you go and buy that upgrade and it is really frustrating to see how much of the virtual money is being used up? Well, I was that frustrated seeing Zaria use up so much of her Radia! Also, I don't feel like there was enough explanation to what the colours and levels meant and throughout I felt left out, when the topic arose. 

The character development and world-building I would call stellar! It was so intriguing and definitely kept me in my toes! 

Star Rating:


In Conclusion:

- The story doesn't really start happening until the end
- The character development is stellar
- The world-building is beautiful

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"I've been looking for you since the day I heard my first fairytale" 


  1. This sounds really good I love this sort of book :) And as usual you had the perfect quote at the end !

    Lots of love, Marianne xxx

    1. It's a quick read too! Thank-you, I try and pick ones that I love :)


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