Plymouth Megaride 2015 + Smeaton's Tower: An Unexpected Day Out!

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Just over two months(!) ago we found ourselves in Plymouth, Devon! We had decided to go on a day out to the Barbican, but upon arrival we saw a significant number of Harley Davidson's zooming past us. We found out that there the Plymouth Megaride 2015 was happening today and we decided to take a quick look!

The Plymouth Megaride is an annual charity motorcycle ride event that sees thousands of bikers and members of the public turn up. The atmosphere is very vibrant and makes a great day out! 



   I then visited Smeaton's Tower, the most notable Eddystone Lighthouse which is situated on the Plymouth Hoe. It cost me £1.50 to enter.

On the second level there was a kitchen. It was very basic and made me wonder what
could actually have been prepared there!

On the third level was a 'bedroom', what you see here is actually a bed! 

A view from the stairs

The stairs were very dizzying and claustrophobic (fortunately, I can handle claustrophobic environments quite well), but it was worth it for the view which is well and truly spectacular! 

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