When Did We Stop Dreaming So Big?

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This post will be quite deep. 

I had a flashback to a time in year 2 when I would have been about seven. This particular flashback got me thinking and it made me realise that we are all realists at heart. The flashback in question was of an English lesson in which we had to write a descriptive piece. What I wrote is completely forgotten, lost in a void. However, the piece I do remember is J's - the teacher had been so impressed with his work that she read it aloud to the class. I remember that it was about him successfully swimming the Atlantic Ocean.

To you and I now it is little more than a seven year old's imagination. But why should it be? Why is it impossible for us to swim the Atlantic Ocean? I'm not saying you should go and swim the Atlantic Ocean, but why, as we have grown older, have we ruled out the possibility?

When I was nine, my family and I went on a walk in a Cornish forest. Why? Because I wanted to befriend and tame the Cornish Pixies (with the mentality: if Harry Potter can tame Pixies, why can't I?). Why now, is it impossible for us to see Pixies?

My Mom told me that as a child, she dreamed of flying to the Moon on her own. Why now is it impossible for us to do that? 

As you have read this post, you will probably have assumed that the questions are rhetorical. You were correct..... Semi-correct, for these are semi-rhetorical questions. The obvious answer is that we know better, science has taught us. Which is true. But when did we stop dreaming? When did we start becoming so pessimistic?

We all have dreams and ambitions, to ride an elephant, to travel the world, to learn a language. But they are humanly possible. We've stopped dreaming.

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