Girl, Missing (Sophie McKenzie) BOOK REVIEW

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Before I continue with the post, I would like to say that THERE WILL BE SPOILERS, so if you do not wish to find out, then please don't read on. 

I have read Girl, Missing twice. Funny story (well, probably not) - the first time I read it, I borrowed it from the library as a holiday read, loved it and of course, gave it back. The second time I read it, I saw it in a charity shop and although it sounded familiar, I decided that I hadn't read it and it was on 1/4 of the way through that I recognised the story, but, it is so enjoyable, I continued anyway!

In a Nutshell:
A discovery, a memory, an internet search and some grey areas lead Sophie into thinking that she may have been kidnapped as a young child. In search of her real family, she meets some dangerous figures, prepared to kill to hide the secret.

The Actual Review:

I found Girl, Missing a gripping read right from the start although at times I thought the characters were too cliché for their own good (the sweet little sister, the malicious middle sister and the insanely good-looking best friend) but the plot was absolutely brilliant. I was eager to find out who was responsible, eager to find out if Lauren was actually adopted and if so if she found her 'real' family. I was eager to find out how both of her families would react and what would happen to Lauren when her families met!

Although the storyline was quite dark it was at times funny, sad and gripping!

Apart from issues with some of the characters the only other problem I found was that one Google search and a memory she wasn't even sure was real had led her into believing she is a victim of kidnapping and that her 'parents' were to blame.

In Conclusion:
⚫️ It is gripping and well-written
⚫️  The characters are cliché
⚫️  It is both funny and sad
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  1. Wonderful review. I read this a while ago and remember quite enjoying it, although I never read the sequels.

    1. Thanks! I haven't read the sequel either, it's sitting in my TBR shelf though!


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