The Perks of Being Left-Handed! | LEFT-HANDED DAY CELEBERATION!

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Won't your readers be getting bored of all the celebration posts? I mean, you've done a Bank-Holiday Celebration, Harry Potter/J.K Rowling Birthday Celebration, a Book Lovers Day Celebration and now this! 
Shush inner critic, shush.


Today, August 13th is a great day for me, polar bears and 10% of the population! Because today is international left-handers day! Yup, along with everything else that makes me a weirdo, I am left handed! 

But instead of dwelling on the negatives of left-handedism, let us take a look at the positives! 

⚫️ Scientists have discovered that all polar bears are left-handed! left-pawed! And polar bears are cool - oh what pun!

⚫️ Chris Kendall (Crabstickz) is a lefty!

⚫️ Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) is a lefty too!

⚫️ We might be distant relatives of the royal family! Yup, a surprising number of the royal family are left-handed!

⚫️ Being excused from sport in school! * On the basis there is always more lefty's in a class than ball gloves and golf putters! 

Are you left-handed? Can you think of any more perks? Let me know in the comments!

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