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Not too long ago, Theepika published a post on her blog showcasing pictures of photos she took in her back garden which inspired me to do the same. 

It is Autumn (Fall) here and therefore the plants are beginning to die and I thought I'd capture that transition stage when the colours are (in my opinion) the most beautiful. I actually used my camera for this because my phone takes 144p images, which wouldn't be very aesthetically pleasing!

                   "Warrior" - A bee feeds on a few remaining flowers
"Autumn Calls" - A dying leaf shows its colours! 
"Nobody Home" - A birdhouse remains unused (as far as we know!)
"Caught up" - Dandelion becomes tangled in a branch
"Feed Me' - My Venus Flytrap awaits prey 
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" 'Come little leaves' said the Wind one day, 'Come to the meadows with me and play, put on your dresses of red and gold, for the summer is past and the days grow cold' " - George Cooper


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