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I've been trying to work out what to do for a special post for Book Lover's Day (August 9 2015) and well, after re watching Booktube videos, I decided what better to do, than celebrate love in books? So, today I present to you: The R.I.P It or Ship It? Book Tag!

I originally saw it on Readbyzoe's channel, but I believe it was originally done by emmasbooks

The Rules:
⚫️ Write the name of between 5 & 10 fictional boys on that many pieces of paper, and the same for fictional girls.
⚫️ Fold them up and select two at random
⚫️ State whether you ship them or not with a short explanation!

Here a we go!

* Completely shaken to obtain maximum spontaneity!

Hermione (Harry Potter) & Bella Swan (Twilight)?
R.I.P it! I know they say opposites attract, but this just isn't a couple I can see happening! 
Hermione is almost too independent and strong for Bella!

Ginny (Harry Potter) & Maxim de Winter (Rebecca)?
R.I.P it! Maxim is far too controlling and Ginny would be quick to put an end  to it!

Dorian (Throne of Glass) & Calaena (Throne of Glass)?
Ship it. Ship it harrrrrrd. I know people say Chaol and Calaena are better suited, but I think Chaol is too loyal to the king!

Georgia (Georgia Nicolson) & Ron (Harry Potter)?
Erm... For some unknown reason, I'm going to go with ship it! I mean, it would be interesting and I really can't say if I think it would work or not!

Owwwwwww, I've got pins and needles in my foot!

Draco (Harry Potter) & Edward (Twilight)?
Ship it! I saw a Draco x Edward fanfic a while back, and I guess it worked!

Chaol (Throne of Glass) & Katniss (Hunger Games)?
 Ship it! They're both pretty strong and have weaponry skills

Gale (Hunger Games) & Meg (Little Women)?
R.I.P it! I think Gale is too boisterous for Meg, who I get the impression likes a gentleman into chess and cigars!

Rosalie (Twilight) & Peeta (Hunger Games)?
R.I.P it! Nah, I reckon Rosalie and Emmett belong together

What do you think? Am I crazy for Shipping (or not) certain couples, or do you agree? 

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