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Rebecca is now recognised as a great piece of English literature by a great, female author. I  read this as part of my reading resolution to read a classic. Read on to hear what I thought of it!

In a Nutshell:
In front of you is a vintage mixing-bowl, from a quirky little shop full of oddities and vintage houseware. You pour in some honey, a teaspoon of sugar, a handful of toasted nuts and oh, just to annoy you; olive stones. It wouldn't work would it? But du Maurier is so damn good at her job, she makes it work. 

Rebecca was brilliant. It was perfect for curling up and reading. The imagery made everything else feel so sublime, never have I felt so in the setting before Rebecca. I went into reading this without knowing what the story was, I had no idea (my copy doesn't have a synopsis of any kind). In Monte Carlo I thought that all the whirlwind and glee would continue into Manderley, however as soon as we arrive and meet the staff, the locals and family, we learn that things are not quite as they seem.

There was one part of the story towards the end that I really did not expect; it could not have been predicted. Although, I do feel like the last page although making a good ending, was very rushed and not completed and perhaps a little more thought could've been put into it.

So, why only four stars? Because Maxim is contemptuous and controlling towards his own wife at the start of their marriage. I mean, being haunted by a memory is no reason to be rude! Because, the narrator throughout bases her self-worth off of a dead woman and the approval of others. Not an encouraging message. But apart from that, I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish!



  • The writing and imagery is wonderful
  • It is enjoyable
  • The characters aren't good role models
Warning: The book deals with themes such as terminal illness, murder and suicide. 

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"Happiness is not a possession to be prized, it is a quality of thought, a state of mind" - Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca


  1. I've nominated you for a award! Congratulations!

    Carrie @The Book Goddess

    1. Thank-you so much! Ever since I first saw it I've been waiting to be nominated!

  2. I've already heard of this book, not quite sure if it's worth reading ! But I'm glad you actually liked it :)

    @ "Book Addict"

    1. It's worth reading if you enjoy contemporary I think. It is also considered a mystery story, but it isn't dedicated!


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